Professional services

Underlining our commitment to make our clients’ implementation a success, Welcome Real Time’s Professional services helps you maximise your success through a combination of expertise, methodologies, tools and a comprehensive portfolio of professional service offerings. These offerings span all phases of your project life cycle, from Marketing and IT to planning, building and running.

This means you can define and align your IT and business strategies, get your new solution up and running fast and keep it operating at peak levels ensuring that IT supports your business goals.

Welcome’s professional services help you and your teams:

  • Integrate and customise our solution in your implementation. Our specialists deliver a solution that is integrated into your architecture, network and fits with your security needs.
  • Host and managed services on your behalf. We are in the best position to host our own loyalty suite of applications. Our data centre and standard managed services are scaled to host your loyalty solution in the best infrastructure and security conditions so you don’t have to. Our expertise as well as project management experience means we can ease your implementation time to market and reduce your cost while delivering perfectly adapted operational services.
  • Our marketing consultants help companies strategising their first and subsequent steps leading to a successful loyalty programme. We understand that embarking on this strategic initiative for the first time can be daunting and we are here to ease the way.
  • Train and augment your staff with our expertise. Training services offer a complete framework to help you get the optimal knowledge adapted to your loyalty platform running the Welcome XLS products. Whether you need technical or functional expertise for the short or long term, we have highly experienced professionals that can help.
  • Finally, our maintenance and support centre provides comprehensive software maintenance; our engineers work with your IT team to provide problem diagnosis and resolution, software defect identification, and access to patches in the expected SLA.


Business and marketing consulting

The Business and marketing consulting division of Welcome Real Time helps financial organisations who want to embark, or have embarked, on a loyalty programme by providing guidance, key advices and best practices.

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Delivery & integration services

Delivery and Integration is our flagship service with more than 25 worldwide loyalty programmes delivered to leading banks and companies. Highly skilled with CMMI Level 3 or Agile methodologies, we guarantee top-class services quality, secure time-to-market and overall project cost-effectiveness. Our mission is to deliver and rapidly deploy a top-quality implementation that meets your business needs. Our clients benefit from our skilled professionals, best implementation practices, proven methodology in project management, development and QA.

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In addition to the delivery & integration services, we provide a complete set of training offering the right combination of standard instructions, hands-on practice and refresher sessions so that you and your teams can maximise your subject matter retention, and successfully utilise that knowledge on a daily basis. We believe that training is essential to extract the most value from the long-term usage of a business application. Our mission is to train you and your teams at your premises, deliver the specific sessions in line with your business needs and teach you new concepts gradually. Our clients benefit from skilled professionals, 20 years practices of worldwide loyalty implementations and instructors expert in Loyalty.


Managed services

Through our Managed and Operations services centre, Welcome Real Time offers a complete package of managed services, allowing your teams to focus on your core business and achieve your commercial goals without worrying about infrastructure set-up and day-to-day operations whilst reducing cost. Our mission is to focus on the IT infrastructure and daily operations so that you can focus on your loyalty programme and business targets. Our clients benefit from working closely with our Managed and Operations team while all our departments - development, maintenance and project- bring you the best service and support you can have.

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Maintenance & support

Our Maintenance centre provides comprehensive software support; our engineers are all professional experts working closely with your development centre to provide problem diagnosis and resolution, software defect identification, and access to patches. Our mission is to ensure no discontinuity in your business, provide rapidly the support and resolution you need with connection with our experts knowing specifically your solution. Our clients benefit from maintenance teams located worldwide, sitting next to the development teams to maximise the efficiency of problem resolution.

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